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What We Do

What We Do

At Blue Energy Solutions, we take pride in offering a diverse array of solutions to cater to your unique electrical requirements. Our extensive range of services encompasses everything from cutting-edge smart home installations to the deployment of generators and solar power systems, as well as various other offerings across KZN.

We are dedicated to not only curbing your monthly utility expenditures, but also delivering prompt and responsive service, ensuring your seamless transition towards a more intelligent and sustainable future. Our core mission is to diminish your reliance on traditional utility providers, by implementing energy-efficient solutions.

With a commitment to quality, our product offerings have undergone rigorous testing to guarantee reliability and affordability. Whether you seek to reduce your dependence on Eskom’s grid, require backup power during outages, or aspire to achieve complete energy independence, we provide solutions tailored to your needs.
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Power up with our innovative solar solutions and embrace sustainability that's as reliable as it is affordable.
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Whether it’s for your home or business, we’ve got the perfect powerhouse to keep you going, no matter what.
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We offer a comprehensive range of services to seamlessly power your life, connecting you to a brighter tomorrow.
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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Reclaim your 
energy independence.

Solar Solutions

Supplying reliable and affordable energy to your home and business, Blue Energy Solutions will keep you powered on. Our solar solutions include:
We offer cutting-edge solar solutions with products that represent the pinnacle of efficiency, innovation, and reliability in the renewable energy industry.

Our 550W Full Screen Black solar panels are not only sleek and frameless but also highly efficient, boasting a 15% higher efficiency rate compared to standard panels.

The panels are composed of 144 high-quality cells arranged in a 6×24 configuration, delivering superior energy output. With a maximum system voltage of 1500V DC, these panels are not only powerful but also safe to use, and the frameless design resists dust collection which ensures optimal performance over time. Despite their power, the panels are remarkably lightweight and compact, making them suitable to install in various applications.

  • Dimensions: 2279mm (Length) x 1134mm (Width) x 32mm (Thickness)
  • Number of cells 144 (6 x 24)
  • Weight: 29kg
Designed for efficient off-grid power generation, the Sacolar solar inverter 5000W offers a remarkable rated power of 3.5KW, extendable to 5KW, and operates at a power factor of 1, ensuring optimal energy conversion.

Equipped with a built-in MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology, the inverter can intelligently optimise the solar panel’s output within a voltage range of 120V to 430Vdc, maximising energy harvesting. It delivers a pure sine wave AC output, ensuring a stable and reliable power supply for various applications.

The inverter seamlessly integrates solar and utility power sources to supply the loads, offering the flexibility to operate with or without a battery backup system. Moreover, it supports parallel operation of up to 6 units, allowing for scalable power generation solutions.

Featuring advanced communication capabilities including WIFI, GPRS, and remote monitoring, users are able to monitor and control the system remotely. Furthermore, it supports CAN and RS485 communication for Battery Management Systems (BMS), enhancing overall system integration and efficiency.

This comprehensive solar solution empowers users with reliable, efficient, and intelligent energy management for both residential and commercial applications.
Solar pool pumps offer several advantages, including energy efficiency, cost savings, and environmental sustainability. By harnessing solar power, these pumps significantly reduce electricity bills and minimise carbon footprint, making them a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for all your aquatic needs. They operate quietly, require minimal maintenance, and being off-grid ensures uninterrupted circulation of water in swimming pools and fish ponds.

Blue Energy Solutions provides tailored solutions for various size applications:

  • Fish Ponds: 200W solar DC pond pump
  • Small Pools: 500W solar DC pool pump
  • Medium Pools: 900W solar DC pool pump
  • Large Pools: 1100W solar DC pool pump
Get in touch with us to find a solution that’s right for you, and reclaim your energy independence.

Generator Solutions

Get immediate and efficient power at the flick of a switch, delivered and installed right to your door.
Blue Energy Solutions caters to a wide range of generator requirements to ensure uninterrupted power supply specific to your needs.

Air Cooled Generators offer a range of advantages, including efficient cooling systems, cost-effectiveness, and reduced maintenance requirements.

The Petrol 2.5 kVA model offers portability and reliability, making it ideal for small-scale power needs.

The Petrol 12.5 kVA generator, on the other hand, delivers substantial power output suitable for larger applications, while still maintaining the convenience of petrol fuel. For those seeking robustness and fuel efficiency, the Diesel 6.5 kVA generator stands out, providing a dependable power source in various environments.

These generators are all air-cooled, ensuring efficient heat dissipation, extended lifespan, and reliable performance.
Water Cooled Diesel Generators offer superior cooling efficiency and durability, making them an excellent choice for continuous and heavy-duty power generation needs.

Blue Energy Solutions offers a diverse range of generators aiming to ensure uninterrupted power for critical operations and diverse power needs.

Our residential models include a 20kVA and 30kVA which would meet any residential energy needs.

For industrial applications we have the following models available: 30kVA, 40kVA, 60kVA, 100kVA, 125kVA, 150kVA, 250kVA, and 375kVA.

Water cooling ensures optimal operating temperatures, enhancing the generators’ performance and longevity, making them ideal for prolonged usage and demanding applications. These generators are designed to provide reliable and stable power supply, catering to a wide array of industrial and commercial requirements.
Get in touch with us to find a solution that’s right for you, and reclaim your energy independence.

Our Services

Whatever your energy needs may be, from installs to prep work and rigging, we have the right solution for you… and we always deliver.
We transport goods from factory to premises across KZN, wherever you want our products to be installed.
We offer full installation for all our product offerings and more. From solar panels, batteries, inverters and pool pumps, to building concrete slabs and installing generators, we cover your every need.
We offer full servicing and maintenance of all products supplied and installed by Blue Energy Solutions, making the whole process as hassle-free as possible.
If you cannot afford a full solar package right away, or want to optimise your generator, we offer affordable ways for you to get into the market and make running your energy alternative as simple and affordable as possible.
Get in touch with us to find a solution that’s right for you, and reclaim your energy independence.